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LVMH decline across the board in the first half profit setback, the stock plummeted. BNP Paribas analysts said, although louis vuitton outlet vigorously innovative products, but consumers (especially Chinese consumers) has yet to fully accept its transformation. Another analysis, this "go vulgar" transformation movement let LV lost the "Wolf" on sale, embarked on a thankless alternative road.

In recent years, along with Louis Vuitton .LV (Louis Vuitton) bag is more and more imitators, cheap louis vuitton as a luxury brand image seems seriously damaged. So they decided to make a transition to the next Hermes (Hermes), to create a more honorable end brand image, began producing more expensive products (such as handmade custom handbags), to provide more high-end services, LV customer base will shrink as more a handful of rich people. However, just released from a bad first half earnings of view, this high-end development of an imitation Hermes cheap louis vuitton outlet line and failed to reverse the "vulgar" brand image. In addition, the design director Mark .Jacobs (Marc Jacobs) to their departure also have some impact. Well, this year, LV in the end have to do those actions? The outside world is how to treat the LV?

Since the Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton hired in January 2012 master perfumer Jacques Cavallier-Belletrud, people will launch the brand's first fragrance since 1920-1930 looking forward to, but its parent company, Moet Hennessy authentic louis vuitton outlet perfume final decision will be postponed to no earlier than 2016 listed.

LVMH this decision in late 2013, and then cheap louis vuitton online unsatisfactory performance related. LV-called high-end product strategy tilted to effect the transformation to be 18 months to show, in its attempt to restore its critical moment, Louis Vuitton, Louis Vuitton does not want to be distracted to promote a new product category. Moreover, taking into account the busy schedule in 2014, which include cultural events Art Museum Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton Foundation in September 2014 was inaugurated, cheap louis vuitton outlet online do not want to see the first time in eighty years after the listing of attention the first fragrance was robbed last eight years since the completion of the Louis Vuitton Foundation in Seattle.

LV efficiency Faaimashi hunger marketing, reportedly, Capucines handbag stock status under a predetermined constant, but overall, it did not bring much help to the entire brand sales. And Capucines louis vuitton outlet online is launched in June 2013 the high price of the package, which is named by the street from the famous Paris Capucines, there are 1854 Louis Vuitton opened its first store lies. Capucines timeless leather louis vuitton outlet store handbags is the highest achievement process. Taurillon luxurious soft leather, with moderate hardness handle, connected by perfectly polished metal buckle. There are two practical inner pocket inside. Bags can buckle dual, exposed on the outside of classic Monogram flowers on the inside can reveal the letters LV logo.

Maybe you know a majority of the world's luxury goods are made in China, like prada, fendi, etc. are processed products in the domestic foreign companies to return, and then packaged for sale to the world. However, you may not know is that, LV cost Chinese manufacturing and almost every guest. "I know the cost of production of louis vuitton outlet bags, it's really only so much you to Jiangsu and Zhejiang, the China Yangtze River Delta manufacturing base workshop to see, you will feel very hopeless, because here is where the customer's product, there are some luxury product brand, are used in the same fabric, like cotton, the same plant, the same workers. "Eslite CEO vintage has said, in terms of cost, louis vuitton outlet handbags and where the customer is almost the same, why sell at high prices, is because there are a number of emerging markets sought riches class.

2013 on the microblogging spread a little piece won fans laugh. Designer-turned-blogger "Starship Shinho" drying out real funny Chinese translation on a LV bag, so loving luxury consumer who suddenly more in mind: know the difference between the English do not buy more than a single English word product, and do not forget to buy louis vuitton outlet belts first looking through the English dictionary.Friends spoof friends spoof reported, after translation, microblogging has also launched "Do you think a big high-grade on foreign flavor, mainly because not a native language is written above," the sentences trend, although this translation slightly exaggerated, but by the fans they blitz. Soon there are bloggers drying out the new translation of "shot" is still Louis Vuitton.